Educational e-Governance Programs

RKCL's Educational eGovernance Suit includes the Higher Education and Open and Distance Education Enterprise Frameworks such as:

  • Digital University Framework (DU)
  • Digital College Framework (DC)
  • OASIS (Online Application Solution & Integrated Services) Framework
  • EASY (Employment Assistance Services to Youth)
  • Libreria

Under the program (DU/DC) with the help of the state-of-the-art software tools and methodologies, RKCL offers an academic ERP suit to the universities for their academic management from admissions and eligibility to examination, evaluation, result declaration and certification challenges owing to large enrollments in diverse disciplines and in a highly decentralized academic decision making environment.

This program offers various eServices through DU, DC and OASIS designed by MKCL (RKCL’s Technology Partner) and deployed by RKCL.

This portal offers various Information Services, Administrative/ Facilitation Services, eLearning Services, Participative /Collaborative Services to the College and University students. It also offers services for finding career opportunities, scholarship/fellowship opportunities and career advancement openings through national and international competitive examinations, certification examinations, etc.

The fundamental aim of this program is to give millions of students an access to their University and career universe through single entry portal and offer direct facilitation to students, teachers and managers of the Universities. This program offers eFacilitation to millions of University students throughout their academic life cycle right from search of courses, admission, to finally the award of degree. It goes further and also provides search in placements.

Under the OASIS program, RKCL has also developed a generalized eAdmissions Framework for online admissions to all professional and other courses. It has facilitated over 35000 candidates in last 5 year for hassle-free admissions. The eRecruitment Framework developed under the OASIS program has been used for recruitment on 25000+ posts in various Government Departments, Ministries, Corporations, and Semi-Government Bodies.

RKCL’s EASY (Employment Assistance Services to Youth) – A multifaceted job portal for career seeker as well employer which offers jobs not only from private entrepreneurs' but Government too. Unlike general job portal EASY offers services like competitive exam information, employment opportunities listed in all the major newspapers of India.

RKCL's Libreria is a premier state of art Library management system, designed and developed by MKCL (RKCL’s Technology Partner) to meet the needs of libraries both large and small. The software is designed to automate all functionalities and operations of library according to international standards. Libreria offers an efficient, flexible, cost effective and user friendly systems for Academic libraries, Colleges, Corporate houses as well as Public libraries.

All these frameworks are comparable to the best ones in terms of their architecture, performance, mass personalized services and direct value addition to the customers. All these frameworks are also seamlessly integrated with each other.