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Eligible & Not Eligible Learners List for December-2015 Exam Event
Learning Policy
NCR-2015 में प्राप्त आवेदनों की प्रथम चरण की अंतिम स्थिति (Final Status) निम्न प्रकार से है | सूची में दर्शाये गए Provisionally Approved आवेदनों का सेण्टर कोड DLC Infra Visit के आधार पर द्वितीय चरण में बनाया जायेगा | सेण्टर कोड दिए जाने के बाद ही AO का आवेदन अंतिम रूप से Approved माना जायेगा तथा RKCL के अधिकृत ITGK का दर्जा प्राप्त होगा |
Rejected AO List
Provisionally approved AO List
Withdrawal AO List
Special Centers for Visually Impaired
Provisionally Approved / Rejected AO List 2015
Important Decisions related to NCR Process 2015
Authorized Centers Complaint Policy
Revised Address Change process documentimg
UnauthorizedCenters Complain Policy
October-2015 Exam Event exam is going to be held on 18th October 2015
List of AOs who have applied in NCR 2015 Process
Negative Locations list
New Center Registration Guide - Step 2
New Center Registration Guide - Step 1
Instruction for Learners
Application form for Correction / Duplicate Certificate /Photo Correction
New Centre Registration 2015- NCR Policy & details
New Centre Registration 2015 - Application form
Undertaking for ownership of ITGK
Application for ITGK's Address Change
RS-CIT Scholarship 2015
Details of Unauthorized Centers
Biometric Device Driver Download
Address Change Policy for ITGK