Fee Structure
   Admission Process
   Online Examination
   Curriculum for RS-CIT
   List of IT-Gyan Kendra

  RS-CIT (Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology)

How to Apply:

The admission process will be web-based. The learner should fill in an application form available at the local centre, using RS-CIT Application Software. The software generates a receipt for the fees.

Admission Process:

Learner approaches the centre or centre`s representative approaches the learner for admission to RS-CIT course. Course brochure will be offered to learner.

Using RS-CIT application Software, learner`s information will be filled in the web based application form.(or paper application form is filled by the learner and entered in the web and uploaded in batch mode by centre).

If the learner does not possess an email ID, the centre helps him to obtain the same to be entered into the online application form.

Centre scans the learners photograph and signature or takes his photo by digital camera / web cam and attached to his application form on the web. This is essential for examination.